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Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys
Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys
Born into an agriculture family at a far-flung village Modugulapalemin Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh (20 Km from famous pilgrim centre Tirupati), Dr. M.Mohan Babu rose to become one of the most accomplished movie artistes. He is also a successful film producer, a champion of people's voice, an educationist and above all a philanthropist. His advancement is clearly marked by strict discipline, dedication and determination. His early life is nothing short of a true film adventure. Caught in the magical ring of the tinsel world, the lad Dr. Mohan Babu could attract huge gatherings at stage plays. When he revealed to the people of his village that he intended to become a Hero, they mocked at him. Undaunted, the young colt reached the erstwhile Madras (Now Chennai), the then capital of South Indian film industry. Working as physical instructor with a YMCA degree, he continued pursuing his dream of becoming a hero. He walked in rain and experienced many a hungry night due to thin or empty pocket. Circumstances forced him to don the avatar as an assistant director, before the ace director of that time Dr Dasari Narayana Rao could change the youth's name from "Bakthavatsalam" to "Mohan Babu" and give him the first role in the film "Swargam Narakam".

e proved himself the best in all areas of histrionics - as a leading villain, comedian, character artiste and hero. The saga that began twenty-nine years ago had ultimately shaped Dr. Mohan Babu into a Hero of the masses. He is credited with a rare achievement of acting in 504 movies. His 100th movie as a hero is on the anvil. Establishing Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust in 1992, he started an International School near Tirupati (famous pilgrim centre in Andhra Pradesh) in order to provide excellent educational facilities to the poor and downtrodden students. Soon, an engineering college and a degree college had come up. Parents from across the country and overseas have kept unbroken faith in Mohan Babu, while the students admire him as their beloved uncle. As the Founder-Chairman of Sree Vidyaniketan Educational Institutions' he saw to it that 25% of seats are offered to students of economically poor and backward classes, apart from providing free education and boarding to them. "Freedom from want is the real freedom" he says and helps the poor and downtrodden in the hour of need. When people face the wrath of natural calamities and epidemics, his organization rushes to the area of devastation with medicines, food, utensils and renders liberal financial help to the victims. He believes in not going where the path leads but instead makes a path himself leaving a trail for others. His achievements prove the saying -- Deep within the wisdom of uncertainty lies the real of life.

Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys
Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys
Hi, Everyone, It is nice you are visiting this site. As a film artiste, I have seen thirty summers and winters, and wonder if this world of stardom can ever cease to mesmerize me. I was born into a modest agricultural family at a remote village Modugulapalem in Andhra Pradesh (About 20 Km from famous pilgrim town of Tirupati ). I found the force of a magnate on the silver screen when I watched movies in thatched tents. I used to tell the people around me of my dream to become a Hero. Everybody would mock at me, saying that I would end up a zero. By doing so, they had only added fuel to the fire of ambition in me. Completing my studies, I landed up in the erstwhile Madras , then the buzzing capital of South Indian film industry.

t did not take many days for me to realize the situation. A camel could easily pass through the eye of a needle. But, getting into the film industry was not that easy. Conditions forced me to become a physical education teacher with Kesari High School , after completing my degree in physical education in YMCA.Yet; I was determined to pursue my dream with tireless zeal. I had only a couple of dress and often I would go penniless. Now, thirty years after that state of affairs, the scene is still vivid in my mind as I look at my wardrobe full of latest designs. Come what may; first set your foot into the tinsel world. Taking heart into my mouth, I flew down the first opportunity lane, and took up job as an assistant director with a small production company. My remuneration was Rs 50 per month (roughly one dollar) and the job would stretch beyond six months. I trembled at the paltry amount as to how I could eat, clear room rental and maintain a decent dress. I hold a lifelong thanks to Mr Lakshmi Deepak, who armed me with the first stone to strike at the goal. I would need many more weapons to reach the other side of the end. I shall share with you one incident taken from the treasure trove of my memoirs. It is just for you. They say Truth is stranger than Fiction. It is like a reel-life in real-life. A cyclonic storm had hit Madras when I stood at a corner in Pondy Bazar (a popular business hive in Chennai) late in the evening. A bizarre rain started. I had only Rs 2/- (1/23rd of a dollar) in my pocket, a few points above the bus fare to reach my room at Mahalingapuram locality. The business ended for the day and all the shoppers were leaving one after the other. Bus stop too was empty. My thoughts were wavering that moment. "What if I don't reach my locality by bus.? Can't I walk the distance? I can have a good breakfast with this little money tomorrow." I had to leave the bus shelter. Hailing from a farming family, I always craved for hot, spicy and delicious food. But, it eluded me those days. Many a night, I watched people relishing such stuff on the roadside restaurants. Without my knowledge, tears would fill my eyes and vision; blurred. Was I crying? Of course, I did so alone in my room with either half or empty stomach. I feel proud for having experienced such a hardship rather than feel ashamed to reveal it. Tamil screen super star Rajnikanth and I were good friends right from my career with the Kesari High School , where he was learning film acting. We would always delight at the big cutouts of legendary heroes late MGR and late Sivaji Ganesan at the focal junctions and cinema theatres. Sharing the feelings with each other, we dreamt of the day when we too could have our giant cutouts. With sagging hopes, I met Dr Dasari Narayana Rao. Three decades had gone by since the moment I had met him. I regard him as my father and my mentor, who gave me rebirth by offering me the first opportunity to act in a film "Swargam Narakam". He renamed me "Mohan Babu", dropping the original "Bakthavatsalam Naidu". Thereafter, no looking back. People of Andhra Pradesh showered their blessings on me. I owe a lot to my fans and followers for all the success I could reap in life. I had acted in 507 films, 102 as a Hero. In 1982, I had started my own film production company "Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures", named after my darling daughter. The same year, I produced and starred in the film "Pratigna", clapped by NT Rama Rao (Renowned Actor and former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh). Mr N Chandrababu Naidu, then a Congress minister and a good friend of mine, was also present that occasion. The film was an amazing hit. I continued to produce more and more films. After a considerable gap, I once again launched my home venture "Alludugaru" in 1990 under the direction of K Raghavendra Rao. When I starred as the hero, there were people who murmured behind me, expressing their own doubts about my hero status. A financially weak producer that I was, I had to sell all of my property, except my houses in Chennai and Hyderabad , to complete the movie. Reports began to appear in some newspapers, mocking at my "trial to come back as hero". Jealous people began to criticize me directly on my face. Imagine such a worst kind of disgrace on an artiste, who struggled all through his life. The harder I seemed to climb, the easier I seemed to fall. What was left for me were tears again, which I shed while making tough trials for an entry into the glamour world. The same tears, which I thought would never be shed again once I would set my foot into my dream world. I can never forget the moral courage, which I had received from my wife and young children that time. All for good, "Alludugaru" was released to make a blockbuster at the Box-Office. The movie was followed by five other roaring hits. Soon, people placed me on the list of top heroes. I was hailed as the hero, who could deliver dialogues on a par with my beloved brother the legendary NT Rama Rao. Those who mocked at me too had started praising me. Success is a public affair and failure, a personal funeral, I do not forget the past, at the same time I do not cherish any hatred toward anyone. Later, I took up producing "Pedaraayudu" and once again, financial worries began to trouble me. However, I could successfully release the movie, thanks to the timely help rendered by my friend Rajnikanth. He proved the saying: "A friend in need is a friend indeed." The movie turned out to be an all-time hit, the record that is yet to be broken at the box-office. The noble ideals of my father Sri Narayanaswamy Naidu, a pious and retired school headmaster, prompted me to set up Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust (SVET) with an International School at the serene atmosphere near Tirupati, a famous pilgrim centre, with the premier objective of imparting the best education. Parents from across the country and some parts of the world visited my campus and responded with overwhelming happiness. Today, children from Vidyanikethan Family have come out with global standards in their education. They are successful worldwide. With hard-earned money, I have provided all facilities to my children. Everyday, I receive scores of letters from parents, students and public, appreciating my endeavor. I sincerely thank all of them. My generation of film artistes faced a rough weather in their journey. It was a thrilling adventure. One rainy evening, surfing the Net, you will just lift the curtain and take a glance through the window. At a distance, a young chap is on a lonely walk, taking long strides and disappearing gradually. Can anyone ever imagine that he would become a hero one day? If you come up to me and ask whether I have achieved what I wanted, I can say I have still a lot more to achieve and if you ask what it is, I have to tell you to wait and watch... Thank you all for your love and support.

With love,

Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys

Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys
Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys
As the Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Dr. Mohan Babu addressed several pressing problems faced by the people of Andhra Pradesh. He wields a large following in India and abroad, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. A rare credit of acting in 507 movies over a period of three decades and producing 42 movies belongs to him only.

r. Mohan Babu won many awards thanks to his versatility as an artiste from the reputed media, cultural and social organizations. More than awards, he commands love and admiration from his people of Andhra Pradesh. Mesmerized by his racy dialogues and serial hit movies, they have rightly honored him with titles "Nataprapoorna" (A Complete Artiste), "Dialogue King" and "Collection King." The University of California had conferred the "Honorary Doctorate" on him in recognition of his services to the film industry. The 78-year-old Writers Guild of Canada awarded him with the honorary membership for his contribution in the field of story writing. He was made the Deputy Member for the International Parliament for Safety and Peace, U.S.A in due recognition in his achievements in the field of Education. At the domestic front, he accomplished an exemplary task as the Trust. Member of Parliamentary Committee on Human Resource Development, Committee on Urban and Rural Development and (consultative Committee for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (1996-98). The Glory of India International Award was also awarded to him for the area of social service. These are a few eloquent symbols of his mighty achievements as an artiste and as a Man. In addition, he continues to press through frontier after frontier each year.

Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys
Collection King Mohan Babu - Royal Chowdarys
SREE VIDYANIKETHAN EDUCATIONAL TRUST Dr. M. Mohan Babu is by nature a philanthropist, patronizing lofty ideals of education. A burning desire to cater to the educational needs of the people, made him establish Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust and Sree Vidyanikethan International School in 1993. Thus a dream long cherished and nurtured came true. Hailing from an agricultural family, Dr Mohan Babu imbibed a passion for promoting education from his father Sri Narayana Swamy Naidu who was a teacher and Headmaster in Chittoor Dist.

Dr. M. Mohan Babu was himself a physical education teacher. The film world acclaims him as a very popular hero who has acted in more than five hundred films. He is also a producer and a committed Artiste par excellence. Encouraged by the thumping response from the parents, he has further started Sree Vidyanikethan Degree College and Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College as a part of his pursuit to impart quality education, which is fully nationalistic in nature, crossing all narrow barriers of caste, creed and community. To View Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust please Click on this :

Name Mohan Babu (Manchu Bhaktavatsalam)
Birthday 19th March
Native Modugulapalem (Chittor Dist)
Fast Facts • First movie Swargam Narakam - Nov 22, 1975
• Acted 506 movies (by Nov 2005)
• Produced 44 films
• Known as Nataprapoorna, Dialogue King, Collection king
• Honorary Doctorate from University of California